Pazhakulam Punthalaveetil temple-Utsavam

The ‘Thiru Utsavam’ or the temple festival at Punthalaveetil Temple , Pazhakulam, 2011, was celebrated in the month of April 10 -14 th coinciding as always with the festival of ‘Vishu”.

This tiny village in Adoor district of Kerala ,comes alive with colour , music and cultural extravaganzas during this time of the year. regardless of the  torrential , erratic rain that puts a slight damper on it.

 Many are the delights available to the culturally inclined  in the atmosphere of the village fair

-complete with bangle sellers, food stalls, dance dramas, Naadan Paatu(folk songs), Thudi muzhakkam(drumming with Thudi/tribal drum), Thottam Paatu( Song about Devi).


Dramas along with other temple activitites and rituals like Readings from Bhagvad Gita, various pujas etc are held .

The drummers spill into the street for a performance.

Contrasting colours in rhythm

Thudi Muzhakkam

The village folk at the temple.

The five day celebrations culminates with the social 'Pongala' and the 'Vambicha Kettukazhcha ' procession with kaala (bull motif), kuthira vela (horse motif) and decorated temple chariot . (See next Post)


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