Superb starling

This is an elusive bird ( Grrrrr…..). I say that because it has been leading me on a merry chase since a month. Near the family court at a walking distance from the Ajman Corniche, this dear fellow saunters (hops rather) all over the grass wet with the watering done by meticulous gardeners. The moment I whip out the camera, the small group of three or four merrily fly across the extremely busy road, full of speeding cars, landing on the grassy patch right across me. I risk my neck and life and cross the road (jaywalk… there is no other way), and the moment I reach across safely, they jerk their little tails and take off again, landing at the exact spot where I had been five minutes before. Anyways this is the best I can do for these ungrateful beauties on my blog. 🙂


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