November nature hike- cormorant

Early November is settling in, the weather is cooler but winter is yet to be felt. Yesterday being a school holiday, took the kids with me on a nature hike. Not really a hike if you consider that a lot of time was spent walking in the shade of skyscrapers and waiting at the three traffic signals on our way to the Al Majaz Waterfront. By the time we reached the big mosque and the grove of date palms, the sun was already beating upon our backs mercilessly. Water, books, snacks lay in two small back packs and the camera in my hand. We spotted a pair of rollers( Indian, European???) being chased by crows but were too tired to chase after them. The crows were everywhere raising a racket and chasing away other birds justifying them being called poetic names like a “murder” of crows

A black Cormorant took a long peaceful  swim in the Corniche waters then dried off in the hot sun. There were other large birds too but at a greater distance. In the grassy areas, bulbuls, laughing doves, hoopoes and mynas kept up a steady stream of background music and we lay on the grass in the shade of two tall Neem trees watching them go about collecting twigs,  grass and other odds and ends for their nests. It is the nesting season. Every tree has at least one hidden carefully behind leaves. The dates are yellow and starting to ripen much to the delight of the white cheeked bulbuls who are plenty around here.
I am the most enthusiastic one. The kids though were good sport tagging along with me even though I had to bribe them with juice and ice creams but they can’t be blamed . After all  summer is reluctant to leave UAE even though winter stands ready with early morning fog displays and pretty flowers waiting to usher out the heat.



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