Socotra cormorants

Opposite the Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, is the Sharjah Creek. Fishing boats, wooden Abras and boats setting out to the oil rigs abound here . It would have been a pleasant walk along the cement way running at the side of the Creek but for the sight and stink of  yellow sewage effluent pouring into the dark green waters from pipes. Yet we found people of all ages taking their evening walks in the area for lack of any other long stretch of traffic -free roads to walk on.
The usual bird population is in full attendance during early mornings and at sundown and absent in between . Doves, crows, sparrows and pigeons are common here.
This lone cormorant (Socotra??) had the entire creek to itself this Friday morning since there was no competition from other birds due to the heat of the over head sun and from human beings who were all in the huge mosque near the Creek. You can hear the Muezzin’s call in the video.

At one point we thought the cormorant was choking to death as the fish he tried to swallow was considerably large but he managed to wriggle it in, helped by his scooping up large gulps of water to wash it all in.


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